Passport Photos Vid to DVD

Passports Visa ID pictures
We take passport and ID photos in our studio with proper lighting and backgrounds.We then check the sizes and the rules for each country and print the photograph whilst you wait.

There are many rules to be observed. On most pictures you are not allowed to wear glasses or have your hair touch your eyebrows. It is advisable not too wear large earrings

Baby Passports
We can take these photographs when the child is just several days old. Again, different countries have different rules as well as different colour backgrounds.It is advisable with small babys to put them in a little colour rather than just white clothes...apart from getting a better picture it makes the baby look a little older and then the passport picture is valid for a little longer

We can also do digital passport pictures..these are where they are uplaoded to the internet

Indian Visa and Usa Visa are 52mm x 52mm , the USA visa picture must be stamped by a professional photographer to be valid

These are just a few different styles of Passport we can take.
  • UK Passport
  • USA Visa Passport
  • Indian Visa Passport
  • Polish
  • Spanish
  • Greek
  • Phillipine
  • Canadian
  • ID Card
  • Blue Badge
  • Travel Card

We can convert videos to DVD. We have a standard charge of £15.00 and for that we put all the contents of your video onto a DVD. If it goes over 4 hours, we have to use another DVD since it is done in real time. Of course we do not watch your films, although, they can always be edited after if you wish once its on a DVD. All work is done by myself and is usually ready the next day for you.

Cine film to DVD is charged according to the amount of footage...the film is cleaned first and then put to DVD.